Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dream Shopping. Nasty Gal Style

I have to admit, most posts I seek to write on are interior design/decor based (with the inspirational quote occurrence, of course). But now and then I cant help but venture off into the fashion world and write about one of my favorite things to do that is not entirely interior design based.

And if you couldn't tell by the title of this post, or by simply scrolling down, that thing is dream shopping. I absolutely love to pretend like I have an endless amounts of money to spend on anything and everything. And the best part about dream shopping (as many of you fellow cyber shoppers know) is no matter how many things you put in your cart, there will never be a sales clerk there to give you evil eyes when you don't actually end up buying anything.

Although it does not quite comply with the Insurance office standard dress attire, I can't help but hit up my favorite dream shopping spot on a daily basis... Nasty Gal.

If money was no object, a good portion would go to this website started by the quirky styles of Sophia Amorus- serious fashion icon in the making. This self described, free-thinking and fashion-forward fashionista started her company as an Ebay destination for those vintage pieces every girl wanted to have in her closet. Now being one of the top sources for dream shopping gals everywhere, I cannot help but agree that Nasty Gals really do do it better.

all images from Nasty Gal

Monday, June 24, 2013

Pick of the week. Side table

(source:The Zoid)

One of the main reasons that I went towards interior design for my career path instead of architecture was because of my 11th grade architecture teacher. I was lucky enough to go to a high school that gave its students a wide variety of electives. Through that I realized my passion for design. I ended up taking every architecture class offered, which was simply amazing. I was never great in school- English honestly bored me and science made me want to rip my ears off- but in these architecture classes I could actually excel.

Now your probably thinking, why then interior design? Well, since I spent so much time in that classroom, I had extra time to work on my buildings and really develop the insides. Really give the detail to make them look real. My teacher saw me doing this one day and told me "Great architecture speaks for itself, with great architecture there is no need to put in the rest". And although I respected my teacher a lot I just sat there thinking to myself how wrong that statement was. That I'm sure every architect, which she was one, thought that. But lets be serious. No body lives or sleeps in an empty room. No one conducts their lives with no furniture or decor by choice. There is even a whole career made up of staging homes and offices so that a Realtor can give their clients a real sense of the possibilities the space can achieve. So why, when I have so much passion for developing a lived in space would I want to go into a field that thinks an empty one is better? Now please don't get me wrong. I have the utmost respect for architects. But for me, personally, I get so inspired by the pieces that can go into a space I couldn't help but pursue that.

The piece above is called The Zoid Console by Meier/Ferrer. I love how simple yet different this piece is. It is meant to just be a side piece in someones home, yet it has the ability to stand on it's own and capture the home dwellers attention in an instant. Of course it's well out of my price range at a little over eleven thousand dollars. But hey, a girl can dream.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

To Fill my Walls

I think that one of my favorite lessons I learned in art school is that art is always a great investment. Sure, I don't really have the funds at the moment to really invest in museum worthy pieces, but that certainly doesn't mean my walls should suffer. So I love when I come across pieces that someone of my means can purchase- and not only improve my home- but also support an artist of my time.

If you haven't heard of society6 you need to go right away! It is an amazing website with legitimately thousands of prints (that can/are converted to different medias) from great young artists. The artist themselves put their pieces up and determine the prices from there. Some of the pieces might be a little pricey (due to the fact that the website itself takes some of the profit), but most are still very reasonable.

So while I wait for a time to come to fill my walls with priceless works, I mine as well choose pieces that just go well with my rooms.

The pieces above (from top to bottom)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Look for Less

As described in previous posts- or if you've clicked on my blogger profile, you are well aware of this- I am only 22 and new to being an actual real person in the actual real world. Being an interior designer by education, I'm not going to lie, I was crazy excited to move into my first solo big girl apartment. I had never lived alone before and I think it is something everyone should do, if budget permitting. So back in November I moved to my little one bedroom apartment in Hoboken New Jersey above a colorful liquor store on washington street.

Unfortunately, as I'm sure many of you young stylish home dwellers have discovered- Budgetary issues have gotten in my way of creating my perfect apartment oasis. Sometimes a girl just rather buy a pair of shoes to rest her feet in than a coffee table to rest them on. It also doesn't help that, as far as home design goes, I have a champagne taste with a beer budget.

So here I am, six months later, still living in my charming unfinished apartment with a new passion for home decor deals.

I am constantly on other blogs and design sites feeding my creative sole with inspiration from others. When I was recently on Domaine, stalking Lea Michelle's beautiful home, they had a section where you could purchase the same look. Which was all fine and good, but everything suggested was- like most home pieces- VERY expensive. So using my new found passion for design deals I took her simple side table area and created a similar look and feel (yes I am aware its not the same, that was not the point) for a fraction of the price.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Wishful Work Attire

(source. atlantic pacific)                                               (source.
(source. me and lex)
(source. style star)

I  absolutely love the phrase.. Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.

My work attire here- across the river from all those dream jobs over in NYC- is different. Different compared to the insurance folks that walk up and down the plain white walls of this sterile environment. That is why I can't help but love stumbling upon professionally stylish women during my daily blog stalking. It makes me feel like my different style is not an abnormal day-to-day occurrence, just me finding my balance between 22 year old girl and professional work-women ready to concur the world. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Creative Addiction

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am an avid blog stalker.

I know that I shouldn't admit this. That I should be grateful to have a job, in my field, in this economy, and I honestly am VERY grateful, but I the truth is I am not at my dream job right now. I work for a corporate company that in-house, designs and executes it's own offices. Although I was already aware before signing my name on the employment contract that this job was not my ideal, I decided to give it a try. It is technically a job in my field, although the creative aspect is surely lacking, and I am getting great experience but honestly- and any interior designer out there reading this can probably agree- once you design one corporate office, you've designed them all. Again though, I am not complaining just explaining why blog stalking is a constant tactic of survival in my daily cubicle based life. So above are some images that keep my creative juices flowing in this incredibly sterile environment of uninspired design.

I know that college taught me better, but I can't keep track of my right-clicking on images that inspire me so here's a short list of blogs I continuously stalk the most and therefore, where the images are from.