Thursday, June 6, 2013

Creative Addiction

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am an avid blog stalker.

I know that I shouldn't admit this. That I should be grateful to have a job, in my field, in this economy, and I honestly am VERY grateful, but I the truth is I am not at my dream job right now. I work for a corporate company that in-house, designs and executes it's own offices. Although I was already aware before signing my name on the employment contract that this job was not my ideal, I decided to give it a try. It is technically a job in my field, although the creative aspect is surely lacking, and I am getting great experience but honestly- and any interior designer out there reading this can probably agree- once you design one corporate office, you've designed them all. Again though, I am not complaining just explaining why blog stalking is a constant tactic of survival in my daily cubicle based life. So above are some images that keep my creative juices flowing in this incredibly sterile environment of uninspired design.

I know that college taught me better, but I can't keep track of my right-clicking on images that inspire me so here's a short list of blogs I continuously stalk the most and therefore, where the images are from.


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