Friday, July 25, 2014

peer review // Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

In a field filled with talent, sometimes it's hard not to be somewhat intimidated by your peers. But the best part about working in such a talent filled field is that the amount of amazing inspiration never stops. 
You have probably seen their work while trolling the pages of pinterest and not even realized who designed these incredible spaces. Featured in countless publications, I am constantly seeing the impeccable work of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design pretty much everywhere. With a staff of just seven, Jessica and her team seem to be taking over the world of Interior design and elevating it to a new level.
All of the spaces featured on their site are lovely, but my absolute favorite has to go to the Brooklyn Brownstone (shown above and the first 6 pictures below). Jessica and her team did not miss a beat in this young couple's home. Down to the butterfly joints in the table, every moment in the space has been carefully curated. Filled with tons of natural light, Jessica Helgerson Interior Design took this newly renovated home and turned it into a colorfully quirky interior design mater piece. It, honestly, leaves a young designer completely inspired & amazing. Incredible job Jessica & Team, simply incredible.