Monday, June 24, 2013

Pick of the week. Side table

(source:The Zoid)

One of the main reasons that I went towards interior design for my career path instead of architecture was because of my 11th grade architecture teacher. I was lucky enough to go to a high school that gave its students a wide variety of electives. Through that I realized my passion for design. I ended up taking every architecture class offered, which was simply amazing. I was never great in school- English honestly bored me and science made me want to rip my ears off- but in these architecture classes I could actually excel.

Now your probably thinking, why then interior design? Well, since I spent so much time in that classroom, I had extra time to work on my buildings and really develop the insides. Really give the detail to make them look real. My teacher saw me doing this one day and told me "Great architecture speaks for itself, with great architecture there is no need to put in the rest". And although I respected my teacher a lot I just sat there thinking to myself how wrong that statement was. That I'm sure every architect, which she was one, thought that. But lets be serious. No body lives or sleeps in an empty room. No one conducts their lives with no furniture or decor by choice. There is even a whole career made up of staging homes and offices so that a Realtor can give their clients a real sense of the possibilities the space can achieve. So why, when I have so much passion for developing a lived in space would I want to go into a field that thinks an empty one is better? Now please don't get me wrong. I have the utmost respect for architects. But for me, personally, I get so inspired by the pieces that can go into a space I couldn't help but pursue that.

The piece above is called The Zoid Console by Meier/Ferrer. I love how simple yet different this piece is. It is meant to just be a side piece in someones home, yet it has the ability to stand on it's own and capture the home dwellers attention in an instant. Of course it's well out of my price range at a little over eleven thousand dollars. But hey, a girl can dream.

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