Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Look for Less

As described in previous posts- or if you've clicked on my blogger profile, you are well aware of this- I am only 22 and new to being an actual real person in the actual real world. Being an interior designer by education, I'm not going to lie, I was crazy excited to move into my first solo big girl apartment. I had never lived alone before and I think it is something everyone should do, if budget permitting. So back in November I moved to my little one bedroom apartment in Hoboken New Jersey above a colorful liquor store on washington street.

Unfortunately, as I'm sure many of you young stylish home dwellers have discovered- Budgetary issues have gotten in my way of creating my perfect apartment oasis. Sometimes a girl just rather buy a pair of shoes to rest her feet in than a coffee table to rest them on. It also doesn't help that, as far as home design goes, I have a champagne taste with a beer budget.

So here I am, six months later, still living in my charming unfinished apartment with a new passion for home decor deals.

I am constantly on other blogs and design sites feeding my creative sole with inspiration from others. When I was recently on Domaine, stalking Lea Michelle's beautiful home, they had a section where you could purchase the same look. Which was all fine and good, but everything suggested was- like most home pieces- VERY expensive. So using my new found passion for design deals I took her simple side table area and created a similar look and feel (yes I am aware its not the same, that was not the point) for a fraction of the price.

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