Monday, July 29, 2013

To cheer up any case of the Mondays you might have had, take a note from this colorfully fun living room. Although there is certainly a lot going on, the designer (and/or home owner) keeps most of the walls simple and the main flooring a clean sleek wood finish to balance out all the vibrant colors from the various pieces. I love the way life is brought into this living space with this accented analogic color scheme.

After traveling in a car, a cab, and two buses, finding this awesome color inspiration certainly boosted my Monday mood.

All colors were pulled from sherwin williams
Room image

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Society 6 wish list

It is no secret that I really love color. Whether I am designing the space for a fellow color-loving friend, client or just for myself, my favorite way to bring in that pop of life is with art and, of course, throw pillows. On my mission to make my apartment oose the Sarah style, colorful accents had to be brought in.

Like many, I find it somewhat daunting to choose a none neutral paint to adorn my walls. So picking up some fun pillow covers and illustrated prints is not only a great way to support artists of our generation, but also bring an inexpensive pop into any room.

As I talked about before (here), Society6 is definitely one of my favorite places to pick up some fun color without breaking my early twenties bank account.

Hopefully you will get to see these pieces and pillows rocked in my apartment soon, but for now they'll just remain on my Society6 wish list

Friday, July 12, 2013

Trending. Faux Taxidermy.

Fashion trends come and go. From overalls in someone’s everyday wardrobe to rocking Alexander McQueen sky-high high heels; Project Runway said it best that - “… one day you’re in, and the next you’re out”.

The same can be said for interior design/decor. Of course there are classics, like an Eames chair or a Chanel bag, which transform from trending to must have items after decades on the market. But for a lot of d├ęcor pieces, something that is “in” and modern today, can be tacky the next.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Office Design Clarification

I just want to clarify something for all who don't actually know me. You need to know that I am extremely passionate about interior design. Although I lean more towards the commercial side, there is really no aspect that I don't at least appreciate, if not love entirely.

That being said, I don't want any of my negative thoughts to come through to boldly about my current position in the office design world. I am, quite honestly, really appreciative of the opportunity to work in my field of choice right out of college. I think that some designers (with more experience under there belts, of course) get the even greater opportunity to take a "typical"- cube on cube with hire-ups around the edge- offices an turn them into creative, eye stimulating work environments. Leaving the employees of these various companies actually excited to come to work.

Me however, I have not gotten that opportunity yet. So in the mean time I stalk Interior Design magazine to remind myself that not all offices have to be on the insurance, sterile, level.

all images from Interior Design magazine

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dining Chair Hunt

This past week I decided that staying in my current apartment for a whole extra year is kind of depressing. Keep in mind that 1. my lease isn't actually up until November and 2. there is nothing actually wrong with my apartment now. I mean the bathroom is tiny and the space is completely carpeted, but there is nothing actually wrong with it. But still I can't help but mentally plan that when October rolls around apartment hunting will be my main priority.

For now though, this realization has just made my mind refocus on pieces to go in my space rather than painting, hanging, or fixing this current one.

At the moment- like most early twenties, newly real person person- my apartment is mostly filled with a mogpog of pieces gathered from various walks of life (mainly discarded from my parents house). So now I am on the hunt. The hunt for pieces that are all mine. Pieces that Oose the Sarah style that I so desperately wish my apartment did now. And my first hunted piece... Chairs. specifically. Two dining chairs to go with my vintage cafe kitchen table.

Here are my options

-other color options. I would want to get two different colors-

Vienna Side Chair - I would do a bit of DIY to make it yellow

Keep in mind that my dining table is small. It is basically an over sized, dark wood, side table. I will only need two chairs so I don't mind investing in two that I really love, which makes this choice crazy hard. 

So the hunt for furniture has officially begun.