Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dream Shopping. Nasty Gal Style

I have to admit, most posts I seek to write on are interior design/decor based (with the inspirational quote occurrence, of course). But now and then I cant help but venture off into the fashion world and write about one of my favorite things to do that is not entirely interior design based.

And if you couldn't tell by the title of this post, or by simply scrolling down, that thing is dream shopping. I absolutely love to pretend like I have an endless amounts of money to spend on anything and everything. And the best part about dream shopping (as many of you fellow cyber shoppers know) is no matter how many things you put in your cart, there will never be a sales clerk there to give you evil eyes when you don't actually end up buying anything.

Although it does not quite comply with the Insurance office standard dress attire, I can't help but hit up my favorite dream shopping spot on a daily basis... Nasty Gal.

If money was no object, a good portion would go to this website started by the quirky styles of Sophia Amorus- serious fashion icon in the making. This self described, free-thinking and fashion-forward fashionista started her company as an Ebay destination for those vintage pieces every girl wanted to have in her closet. Now being one of the top sources for dream shopping gals everywhere, I cannot help but agree that Nasty Gals really do do it better.

all images from Nasty Gal

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