Thursday, June 20, 2013

To Fill my Walls

I think that one of my favorite lessons I learned in art school is that art is always a great investment. Sure, I don't really have the funds at the moment to really invest in museum worthy pieces, but that certainly doesn't mean my walls should suffer. So I love when I come across pieces that someone of my means can purchase- and not only improve my home- but also support an artist of my time.

If you haven't heard of society6 you need to go right away! It is an amazing website with legitimately thousands of prints (that can/are converted to different medias) from great young artists. The artist themselves put their pieces up and determine the prices from there. Some of the pieces might be a little pricey (due to the fact that the website itself takes some of the profit), but most are still very reasonable.

So while I wait for a time to come to fill my walls with priceless works, I mine as well choose pieces that just go well with my rooms.

The pieces above (from top to bottom)


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