Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dining Chair Hunt

This past week I decided that staying in my current apartment for a whole extra year is kind of depressing. Keep in mind that 1. my lease isn't actually up until November and 2. there is nothing actually wrong with my apartment now. I mean the bathroom is tiny and the space is completely carpeted, but there is nothing actually wrong with it. But still I can't help but mentally plan that when October rolls around apartment hunting will be my main priority.

For now though, this realization has just made my mind refocus on pieces to go in my space rather than painting, hanging, or fixing this current one.

At the moment- like most early twenties, newly real person person- my apartment is mostly filled with a mogpog of pieces gathered from various walks of life (mainly discarded from my parents house). So now I am on the hunt. The hunt for pieces that are all mine. Pieces that Oose the Sarah style that I so desperately wish my apartment did now. And my first hunted piece... Chairs. specifically. Two dining chairs to go with my vintage cafe kitchen table.

Here are my options

-other color options. I would want to get two different colors-

Vienna Side Chair - I would do a bit of DIY to make it yellow

Keep in mind that my dining table is small. It is basically an over sized, dark wood, side table. I will only need two chairs so I don't mind investing in two that I really love, which makes this choice crazy hard. 

So the hunt for furniture has officially begun. 

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