Thursday, July 11, 2013

Office Design Clarification

I just want to clarify something for all who don't actually know me. You need to know that I am extremely passionate about interior design. Although I lean more towards the commercial side, there is really no aspect that I don't at least appreciate, if not love entirely.

That being said, I don't want any of my negative thoughts to come through to boldly about my current position in the office design world. I am, quite honestly, really appreciative of the opportunity to work in my field of choice right out of college. I think that some designers (with more experience under there belts, of course) get the even greater opportunity to take a "typical"- cube on cube with hire-ups around the edge- offices an turn them into creative, eye stimulating work environments. Leaving the employees of these various companies actually excited to come to work.

Me however, I have not gotten that opportunity yet. So in the mean time I stalk Interior Design magazine to remind myself that not all offices have to be on the insurance, sterile, level.

all images from Interior Design magazine


  1. These are very inspiring designs. Office design is very important because it somehow affects the employees' productivity. Creating an effective design requires a lot of work. That's why it's quite a challenge for interior designers. Added to the fact that you have to rise above your competition. But the combination of talent, confidence and hard work can make it happen. #Allan@

  2. Very stylish and inspirational photos you got there. Thanks for sharing these to us.