Sunday, January 6, 2013

B.I.T. of Health

One of the most common resolutions across the globe is clearly to better ones health. I am no exception to this common occurrence. Although I certainly, am like most woman and want to loose an lb. or two, this resolution is more about actually balancing out my carb-dominated diet.

Carbohydrates are aFRICKENmazing and just like sweets or salty foods that means an overload of them is clearly not good. I’ve tried in the past to do the whole “no carb” diet and would always fail miserably within weeks, if not days. So this time I am just aiming to balance my diet. Bringing the other important food groups into my life and not just living with the pale one. My theory is that if I get used to munching on celery instead of chips then slowly easing out the bad foods will be a sinch.

For all of you out there like me (carb-lovers) here are some easy tips to stay with your balanced life-style.

  • ·      Ease into it. Don’t try to overload yourself and completely cut out your favorites. The likelihood that this life-style choice becoming a failed diet will surly rise.
  • ·      READ. When going food shop actually read what you are getting. Even Whole Foods sells fattening foods.
  • ·      Prepare. Prepare any fruits and vegetables as soon as you get home from the grocery store. Chop the celery, wash the strawberries, make it as easy as possible for you to munch on instead of a bad snack.
  • ·      Just don’t buy it. For foods that you don’t absolutely need and know you can’t help yourself to completely beast down, like chips, ice cream, donuts, just don’t buy it. If you don’t have it in the house then you have no excuse. (And those with children who buy it for them, they honestly don’t need it either.)
  • ·      Go nuts. Nuts are actually a great source of protein and are also proven to fill you up faster and keep you full longer. Pistachios are apparently the best at this but if they’re not your favorite go crazy with yours.
  • ·      Portions. Portion control is always a talked about with food, but is definitely the hardest part. My favorite tip is to uses smaller dishes. The smaller the dish the less you can put on.
  • ·      Eat Colorfully. Color is so important when it comes to keeping a well balanced diet. If you try to eat all the natural colors throughout the day you are certainly achieving your goal.

Hope these quick tips helped. I will keep you updated on my balanced resolution and will definitely have more tips to come!

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