Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Showroom Heaven

At the moment my job is a little limited, in which it is strictly office design.  My dream job is definitely in the commercial design industry so getting this experience in that field (even if it is just office design) is still great. Most of the time I am just in the office drawing, organizing samples, consulting in meetings, etc. but the other day I got to go on a field trip.
It was just like being back in middle school and getting to leave my small classroom to go anywhere. Getting to change your surroundings, even if it wasn’t a destination you were actually into, was always fun. Now add 10 years and a design show room and you’ve got one EXTREMELY happy designer.
Although it is not a resolution, or goal, my wish was certainly fulfilled when stepping into the Knoll showroom in New York’s meat packing district. Even though the classic pieces are just inanimate objects, getting to touch, see, and even sit on these exquisite works was unlike anything else. After spending the last four years of my life constantly drawing these classic pieces in AutoCAD and Google Sketchup, experiencing them in person was like meeting a celebrity you’ve only ever seen in pictures.
I tried to take as many pictures as I could, while still being professional during this work meeting. So hope you enjoyed these very colorful views of Knoll Inc.

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