Friday, January 4, 2013

Insta. Calendar.

A resolution (at least to me) is a goal and/or something you want to change about yourself for the New Year. My first resolution is definitely strictly goal status. It is purely a fun ambition that would be awesome to accomplish. Inspired by a random web search and my brilliant coworker, my first resolution is an Insta Calendar.
 Just like many others, I am on Instagram (@ssarahfinkss ) about a billion times a day. I usually only post weekly and mainly use it to stalk friends and like their lives through pictures. Yesterday, however, I found this website . Most of the stuff on the website didn’t appeal to me, but then I found the calendar you can make of all, or selected, posts.
So my first resolution is to take a gram a day for this entire year. This way, next year I can go to and get an awesome calendar made. I will then have that daily reminder of what I did each day last year.
Now this is clearly just for fun so  I’ll try to make sure to keep you updated on this quirky goal.

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