Tuesday, August 20, 2013

one day. one hundred dollars.

So I have actually been wanting to write a post like this for a while. As you can see, I have a real passion for interior design however, budgetary constraints are definitely an issue when it comes to my personal apartment design. And as a creative person surrounded by fellow twenty somethings also itching to have their apartments ooze with their personal styles, I couldn’t help but want to write a (hopefully series) post about budget friendly projects that weren’t extremely time consuming, and could be done to any rented or owned space. My first guinea pig… my man.

This “client”- if you can really call him that- is a twenty five year old graphic designer, residing in the bicycle friendly city of Philadelphia. He lives in a two story walk up with his roommate who is slightly less enthusiastic about the style of their apartment, ie he gave us full decorating freedom of their mutual living space.

This project started off from an idea that I wanted to do in my own dwelling with chalkboard paint; after realizing I probably want to move in the near future this idea died, at least for my space. Chalk board paint is the perfect solution for this typography addicted individual who is constantly doodling over everything. He also really wanted to incorporate some sort of bike storage and after finding his inspiration on pinterest we hit home depot for supplies. We found the majority of the supplies there, with a few fun design twists found at AC Moore. The project actually did not take more than a few hours and ended up only costing him around $80 and a pho soup date for yours truly.

Shopping List
Chalkboard Paint. $24.97
Bike Hangers. $15.94
Wood Backing. $19.97
Bird Feeder. $5.00
Chalk. $15.92

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