Friday, August 16, 2013

dorm room days

Although I am past my dorm room days, I couldn't help but be reminded that the summer is winding down and soon college campuses will be refilled with young hopefuls beaming with excitement over this new chapter in their lives. This reminder made me reminise on my days sharing my small space with a fellow freshman, and how I couldn't help but want to make my side purely amazing.

Now I'm aware that some of the above images are a little, well, mature for the typical dorm room. But let me tell you, if I was aware of the inspiration filled site called pinterest back then, I think my side would have definitely stepped up its decor game. So for all you future freshman, or returning sophomores, starting their lives on the college campus of their choice, I hope these DIY ideas and different room images have officially inspired you to step up your decor game.

All images are from various sources. sources and more inspiration can be found on @ssarahfinkss pinterest

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