Monday, September 2, 2013

flower child @ heart.

(source: late afternoon. great flower arrangement ideas)

Whenever I see a guy walking down the street with a boquite of flowers my heart litterally melts and the word "awww" is muttered out my mouth as he passes. You just know that whoever those flowers are for will imidiately going to swoon and instantly have the urge to put the bouquet on display somewhere in their home.

With summer coming to an end, I couldn't help but want to include a post highlighting one of the best part about the season, the plethora of fresh flowers readily available to all. Like many women in this world, I love flowers. Not just because of their smell, or how thoughtful it is if you get them from a loved one, more because I love what they do to a room.

A monochrome space can get an instant pop with a bundle of hydrangeas. A simple wall can be transformed with the sudden addition of a vivid daffodil print. And a homely kitchen can get that additional burst of life with a bright zest of colorful tulips.

All and all, even with summer coming to a close, I can't help but continue to be a little bit of a flower child at heart.

great flower arrangement tutorials on late afternoon
all images are from various sources. sources can be found on @ssarahfinkss pinterest

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