Monday, August 12, 2013

DIY diary. a beautiful mess playing cards

52 card pick up has never been this pretty.

I have a serious DIY obsession. My main problem is, however, finding the time/energy to accomplish the numerous do it yourself projects that so eagerly interest me on my daily blog and pinterest stalking. Nevertheless, the other day I finally pulled myself away from the bowl of popcorn and actually accomplished a DIY that I've been dying to do ever since I saw it on A Beautiful Mess.

The real appeal to this project was definitely that it was taking an everyday object, playing cards- yes, playing cards is indeed an everyday object in my life. I love a good game of solitaire to distract my hands from over eating on that popcorn- and turning it into a piece worthy enough to keep out on the coffee table. Also the fact that it was a one night activity didn't hurt. DIY's that take more than a few days to accomplish are a little daunting to me.

For the full instructions on this project visit a beautiful mess, but here are some helpful tips that you should definitely know pre DIY try.

  • This, although looks simple, is definitely a full nights task. Don’t forget there are 52 cards to be covered
  • On a beautiful mess they suggested scrap booking glue, I only had elmers around the house. Worked great. Just make sure to spread it on with a brush for a clean layer on each card
  • I also couldn't stop at just 5 images, like suggested, I just made sure there was at least two (if not more) of each picture. I don't intend to play an intense round of poker with these, so I figured it's fine.
  •  Books are your best friend. The cards naturally wanted to bend after getting there cover. Use heavy books to make sure they keep their flat shape, than cut out the corners and any extra paper.
  • Don’t be alarmed with how stiff the cards are right after the project is done. After a few games and shuffles they’ll loosen up.
  • Pick a good movie. Again this takes a while.

As you can see from the above images mine turned out awesome. I actually opted to buy cards for people with poor sight, (only $3) which I think add a quirky twist to this colorful project. Enjoy!

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